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“If you can dream it you can do it” – Walt Disney (we’re fans)… We are Quirky, a consumer products company that makes products invented by real people like you, and we’re working with Arm & Hammer on a super awesome project to improve pet owner’s care of their beloved Fido’s teeth. It’s called the Arm & Hammer Doggy Dental Challenge with a call to action to all dog owners to adopt great doggy dental habits AND help us develop the next great canine dental product (because it’s not just good for Sparky’s health, it’s big business!!) We reached out to you because you are a leader in the space and we’d love to collaborate!

Below are a few conversation starters, let us know what’s most interesting for you!

  •      Spread the word! Create a post (photo or video) to bring more awareness around why pet owners should take better care of their dog’s teeth!
    •  The American Veterinary Dental Society says roughly 80 percent of all dogs over the age of three have some degree of dental disease and only 4% of pet owners brush their dog’s teeth regularly. It’s super important we take good care of our dog’s teeth – it can help our furry friends live up to 2-4 years longer!!
    • Tag us on social – @Quirky (Facebook/Twitter), @Quirky_inventions (Instagram)
  •      Help us invent a cool new doggy dental product!
    • The pet oral care market is estimated to grow to nearly $1 billion by 2020. The opportunity is there for new products to be developed. As a dog owner and influencer in the space, you are well positioned to brainstorm awesome ideas and test some of those ideas with your audience before submitting to the Arm & Hammer Doggy Dental Challenge
    • If you want to invent a doggy product with us and do some promotion on your channels as well, let’s get creative with deal terms and make something happen! PS we can also explore non-dental ideas
  •      Share the opportunity to invent with others
    • First, tell your friends and family with dogs to brush their dog’s teeth! Then ask them to participate in our Doggy Dental Challenge with Arm & Hammer. Maybe their idea will win (we’re picking the winner in June) and become a product that millions of dogs use to keep their mouths cleaner and healthier! Share this page with anyone who wants to enter

The Arm & Hammer Doggy Dental Challenge is live now and ends May 18th, with the winning idea to be chosen in June. Visit this page for more information about the challenge and how to enter your product idea.

Check out some of Quirky’s recent product launches – the Cruze by 14-year-old Michael Wahba, the Tune Zoo by grandmother Debbie Schwartz and one of our best sellers, Pivot Power by then college student Jake Zien! We love making deals – if you think you have an awesome product idea and want to talk about getting it made, let’s talk. Seriously – we aren’t kidding. Contact info below.

Happy Inventing,

Team Quirky

Email me (Lissa) at lissar@quirky.com if you are game to collaborate.

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