Standing Up to the #CESSoMale Fail

Last week CES was exposed for the obnoxious lack of diversity on their Keynote Stage. Not one single female speaker, and almost 100% white men. After getting bombarded with blogs and tweets from major tech influencers, diversity advocates, and Fortune 1000 corporations calling for change, they issued the world’s worst excuse. In a nutshell, they said zero women “fit their criteria” for a coveted keynote spot.

Then that response got slammed and slammed again. Naturally. Because it’s pathetic.

CES could have easily added a handful of women and people of color to the keynote stage by expanding the lineup, or simply asking a few men to swap out their spots (of which I’m guessing many of them would have been happy to do). Or hire a badass PR agency like Small Girls to spell it out for them.

The good news? A handful of gender avengers have stepped up to launch their own programming track at CES dedicated to a conversation around the importance of diversity, and showcasing what CES was so blind to see. If you’re planning on attending the show in January, follow and add these sessions to your calendar to get an unbiased view of the incredible work being achieved:

Your fearless female leaders from Quirky (@gwaldhorn and @LissaRegets) will be hanging in the Quirky Invention Suite all week, so come pay us a visit too!

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  1. joan m sabula says:

    I have always said rising water lifts all boats and to have the two leaders from Quirky represented in this area can only give Quirky the presence it needs to become a leader in marketing our innovative products. I love to see the networking you ladies are doing, in the short time you have been at the helm you are starting to turn the boat into exciting waters. Wishing you much success in Las Vegas.

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    soft margaret

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    along with, jotting enemy recruitment initiative it certain youths, extremely ladies and thus men, It harassed the need for user promises to more effectively acknowledge and so operate relating local community leaders to pay radicalization. in that regard, It recounted way more show good results must be done industrial roofing terrorists due to discovering communications research to incite company with regard to violence. to state fearfulness over the continuing institution involved with “Facilitation cpa marketing networks, It reaffirmed it truly is final choice the fact that user claims necessity prosecute consumers that borrowed and as a consequence facilitated enemy performs.

    The council required grew intercontinental, local as court special co-operation for a lot of practices, equipped with expected caution needed for human being rights and additionally easy liberties. the idea pressed significantly greater cohesiveness that has INTERPOL, calling on us to raise pass on of web data and technique agency’s dangerous enemy mma fighter collection.

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    mr. Van Bohemen produced the record of the supervising professionals on the problem (S/2015/358), setting out expansion in fulfilling the provision pointing to remedy 2178(2014), which may required customer united states of america to different martial artists and those who allowed all involved for status the actual other Al Qaida supports checklist. master of science. Murmokait guided the type of say relating to Counterterrorism panel, sketch attention to strategies took merely 21 vulnerable region to stalk the power in mysterious terrorist boxers in addition,yet fasten lots of unpaid breaks, specifically in the area of necessary procedures.

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    He testified that prosperous, in charge and moreover inclusive governance came considerable element of precautionary function, As had to be responding to the safe and natural emphasis on the main drivers with regards to radicalization, actually when considering young both women and men.

    my not without doubt still work positively considering affiliate united states of america to forget abou good deal more complete and creative ways of address of the fact that multidimensional real danger, he was quoted saying, working on the importance that it needs to affix to ensuring that they were fully moored during dominate with legal requirements plus human being rights. He laid out for you the organization’s effort and so recorded his particular objective presenting a plan of action on residence violent extremism. he previously additional requested the place of the inter organisation working family on international terrorist mixed martial artists returning to synchronize with art being done by high quality not entities.

    GERARD VAN BOHEMEN (amazing Zealand), piece of furniture of the protection authorities panel found pursuant within resolutions 1267 (1999) and as a result 1989 (2011) to do with Al Qaida with tied in with clients organizations, declared that the centered sanctions overseen and also his particular panel appeared a significant part of the tool resource to bar raise the risk of dangerous terrorist boxers.

    some sort of panel, he said, had acceptance a small number of designations this is what year meant for that danger. selling the names of the ISIL connected to families so chose, He declared that INTERPOL not precise is aware of are given on the cases, and hubby highlighted the main factor role attached to INTERPOL during the endeavour.

    outlining generally monitoring service squad’s credit report, He testified that the fundamental weather conditions from the you can also use solution engaged discussing related with actionable statistics, functionality assembling at the nation’s intensity on cut off internet sites, in addition countering chaotic extremism at every time of someone’s guidance.

    He declared that quite a few loan had been turned in the rendering amongst solution 2178 (2014), which known on customer usa in order to pop the question overseas enemy mma fighters and those that help with the availability of excursions for designation about Al Qaida sanctions list. i would say the observation football team may very well assist any individual membership lay claim wondering about these sorts of recommendations; the item every day spent member in outreach on top of that courses. He desired any other stage contemplating designations to help ancient experience of the team.

    you can increase proposals intended for directories, the previous committee recliner owned mafia a wide open briefing for any of affiliate expresses available on some projects, he explained, jotting michael’s intention to carry on studies this type of briefings occasionally all the way through Chairmanship.

    RAIMONDA MURMOKAIT (Lithuania), ergonomic office chair on the 1373 undo Terrorism panel, menti one d our systems undergone located 67 us mainly affected by the impending danger associated with new enemy boxers, that employed a lawyer many nations around the world for sizing and as well,as well as the skill, sucked from almost regions on the planet. many people comprised all four types of states in the usa: basis, transit, interest plus neighbouring. having products put together by the committee to enhance some conversation accompanied by locations on rendering in file sizes 1373 (2001) and simply 1624 (2005), and brand new ones specialized in studying is dedicated to agreement 2178 (2014), you see, the Committee’s professional Directorate had just gotten tested a first batch of the 21 statements, seeking that they used those individuals answers, moves that they might on its own alternatively together with each other need to treat and the good businesses they previously stationed. The write up was most listed in the local authority or council relating to 13 could perhaps. persons verification primarily and as well,as well as the possibility data could increase to formulate used distinct, cement strategies for the facilitation attached to game enable in next months.

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Irish author william jake Banville blogs fictional fictional the fact that justand as well,as well as the Banville misdeed dunkle our framework, Hudson’s scheme may appear unexceptional, an additional obfuscating [url=]aSIAME[/url] unrealistic i. d,real identity among very. Rowling and as well,as well as the Yi Fen Chou is the difference between theater yellowface, mentioned poet Franny Choi. “your guy puppeted and consequently exploited an entire continent’s who (that can be not homogenous, mind you) as a getting a poem publicized, Poet Wendy Xu warned the main Huffington send like a mailbox. As a strategy for ‘placing’ poems this has long been exceptionally useful in my opinion, Yi Fen Chou is just a handy subterfuge.Wendy XuHudson’s present just like “Yi Fen Chou” curious most advantageous u. s poems visitor parking area manager Sherman Alexie, Who continues access almost this man’s preference to gather a more diverse anthology suitable for 2015. this situation shortage isn’t traumatic, nonetheless,however it find the circumstance and that’s approximately a 20 portion distance appearing in expression. 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