New Year Goals

Every new year we set new goals that we all hope will stick, while in reality they last no more than the month of January. Before heading back to the same old goals, why not give brain exercises a try! People tend to focus on their outer image each new year, instead of focusing on what powers both the inside and outside: our brains! Doing brain exercises can help improve brain function, memory, logic and your overall well-being. Besides, how else will come up with great inventions? We need a peek-performing-brain ideas generating groundbreaking ideas!

The human brain reaches peak performance between the ages of 16-25 (maybe thats why teenagers think they know everything!). After this age brain functions begins to decline and we need to do everything we can to keep flexing the most important muscle in our body.

Our brain function is directly linked to our mood. Practicing meditation can help regulate emotional swings and stress levels. Having a peak performing brain means you are able to think not only clearly but rationally. Being in a high stress environment deters that progress. By taking only 5-10 minutes a day of meditation can reduce your stress level. An overall positive perspective on life can help you become a more productive person, so inhale the positivity and exhale the stress.

Try playing brain games. In this wonderful age of technology you can find numerous apps that help build the brain’s cognitive skills and improve memory. One very popular app is Lumosity created by a team of 3 that included Kunal Sarkar, Michael Scanlon, and David Drescher. This app brings your brain through a journey of different everyday challenges depending on your brain needs. Or you can just go old school and play Sudoku which is actually proven more effective. (Can’t beat the classics!)

Did you know that eating healthier and avoiding sugar can also help improve how the brain functions? For a lot of us, this is already on our list of goals for the new year – but we hope this is one that sticks for a whole different reason than just fitting into a swimsuit. Eating foods that are high in fiber such as fruits, vegetables, and grains can also improve cognitive skills (Thanks mom!), along with foods high in omega-3 like salmon and chia seeds, which can help with memory and lower depression. After all happy people work harder.

Finally, don’t forget to exercise which can also drastically improve brain function, but we figure that’s already high on most folks new years goal lists. Just remember when you’re thinking of quitting, you’re not just doing it for your body, you’re doing it for your brain!

Keep your mind healthy and your ideas flowing.
Happy Inventing Quirksters!

Don’t Go Wrong This Holiday!

You never want to show your love ones you don’t care about them or their well being, then why half a%# gifts?  Gift them something that is useful! And in honor of useful gifts, this holiday season Quirky wants to look back at amazing inventions that were made with not only creativity, but with a love for making people’s lives easier.

Stem; a product perfectly made for the chef of the family invented by Timothy Houle. Designed to add zest to any meal by simply twisting Stem into any citrus fruit and pushing down on the spraynozzle. No cutting or peeling required, this product does all the hard work for you! After all, the chef still has to do the cooking!

Pluck; created by Mark Fusco a man on a health kick when he came up with Pluck. Like many of your loved ones who are planning to set new health goals this new year, get them a gift inspired by this worthy goal. Pluck helps get the egg whites separated from the yolk quickly and easily. Simply squeeze and release its flexible silicone chamber to extract caloric yolks from the whites. It is also dishwasher safe (Bonus!).

Or a favorite Quirky product like the Pawcet, a product that would make any dog owner (and their pup!) happy. This product allows dogs to get their own stream of fresh, cold drinking water; and who wouldn’t want that? Simply hook it up to your garden hose, your dog adds pressure to the step with his paw, and water is released. Created by Tony Lytle your average dog lover spreading love and simplicity to the lives of dog owners everywhere.

Before grabbing a present on your way to your holiday destinations, this year take the time to think about how a gift may have been designed to make someone’s life easier. Maybe even invent something great for next year and we’ll be talking all about how great you are! Don’t go wrong this holiday season Quirksters.

Let your love one’s know you care, Keep Inventing!

Happy Holidays!


What We Should be Thankful for this Thanksgiving

We often talk about the inventions that have changed our lives for the better – and hey, they are pretty incredible, but what if instead of celebrating things, we celebrated the brilliant minds behind those inventions we love so much.

Take the microwave for example, invented in 1945 by a man named Percy Spencer. Spencer, who never finished grammar school, became a self-taught engineer and accidentally invented this magic heating machine when the technology he was testing cooked a candy bar in his pocket.

How about those disposable diapers, which have protected us from an undetermined number of blowouts. We have Marion Donovan to thank for this amazing idea. Most didn’t think her invention had any merit when she first pitched it in the early 1950’s, but Donovan didn’t give up on her cause. In 1961, she found someone who believed in her vision…and I think we all have heard of Pampers.

Great ideas come in all shapes and sizes. In 2012, fifth-grader Clara Lazen created a model for an undiscovered molecule, tetranitratoxycarbon. Her teacher recognized her brilliance and shared a picture of the model with a chemist. Now her idea is published in several scientific journals.

Everyone has an idea worth sharing and the potential to become the face behind the next big invention. As we gather around the table to give thanks, take a moment to appreciate the everyday creators and inventors both past and present.

Happy Thanksgiving!