New Partners, New Shop

Two big announcements this week!

First, we’re thrilled to announce our partnership with Viatek Consumer Products Group. Viatek is a world leader in the development of innovative products for both their brand, as well as renowned licensees. They utilize a strong global infrastructure for product development and currently distribute products in 40 countries spanning 5 continents.

As a Quirky partner, Viatek will be bringing several of our favorite Quirky products to market this summer, including Pivot Power, Pivot Power Junior, Pivot Power Desktop, Powershell, Plug Power, Port Power, Pod Power, Prop Power Pro, and Contort Power.

A big congrats to the inventors of and contributors to these inventions!

Pivot Power and Pivot Power Junior are already on sale. The other Quirky products selected will hit shelves by (or before!) August, and everyone will start receiving royalties shortly thereafter. We’ll keep you updated so you can brag to all your friends and family about your genius invention being on sale once again.

Along with bringing these inventions to market, Viatek is actively sourcing new inventions from the Quirky platform, and are currently focused on finding products that bring improved design and ease to plugging in and powering up. Viatek has also taken a Quirky brand license, which means they’ll be bringing some of their own inventions which are under development to the Quirky community for collaboration and market research – which means more royalty opportunities for you! Hooray!

Next, you might have noticed that our Quirky shop is currently undergoing some maintenance. We’re busy updating the site to improve the shopping experience, as well as bring you some new and innovative products from makers and inventors from around the world. Don’t fret – we’ll be back up and running in a few days.

Stay tuned for additional updates and some new BETA opportunities launching at the end of the month!