Meet inventor Sam Cheng

Meet Sam. He’s a computer science major at Rice University and inventor of the Portable Surround Sound, which has been renamed, Air by Quirky. Air is a portable speaker that detaches into 3-5 smaller speaker segments and can be used to create a premium, wireless surround sound experience in or outside the home. “I wanted to bring sound everywhere – to the living room, the shower and the beach,” said Sam.

Sam has been ideating his whole life. He submitted his idea for Portable Surround Sound on Quirky before he turned 18. “Since childhood I’ve wanted to create and make things that are my own.  The thought of people seeing and using a product of mine inspired me to start sketching my ideas,” said Sam.

When asked about his motivation to invent, Sam told us Iron Man [Tony Stark] and Elon Musk were inspirations for him to become an inventor, be his own self and not follow conventional paths.

The Quirky team was attracted to this invention because of it’s unique detachable speaker design, versatility and durability. Air was recently selected to move into Development, which means Quirky’s product team is working to finalize product design, materials sourcing and prototyping before setting up a production schedule with major big box retailers.

In addition to inventing, Sam has used the community platform to collaborate and help fellow inventors. “I’ve been on Quirky for a while and have contributed to a ton of challenges. Doing sketches were always my favorite – I had just learned Illustrator and Quirky projects gave me opportunities to practice. I’ve really improved my skills through making sketches for people on Quirky,” exclaimed Cheng.

Learn more about Sam’s invention, Air by Quirky, here.