Quirky’s Had Some Work Done

Something’s different, we’re glad you noticed!

We’ve had some work done. Nothing crazy, a few cosmetic tweaks to update the aesthetic of the website. Over the next couple of months you’ll see quite a few changes being rolled out to the Quirky platform, starting with our homepage and logo change today. Why did we make these changes?

First, like an adolescent exploring who they are, Quirky has tried out a few different personas over the past 6 years. We’ve had multiple logos, icons, and color schemes. You may see one logo on a Quirky product in-store, a different one in your cabinet, and yet another one on our website.

It’s time to bring it all together under one cohesive identity, and we’ve gone with the one you told us you preferred. We surveyed our community forums, and the logo you see today was almost unanimously voted on as the favorite. We’re pleased you chose this logo, we like it the most too.

Second, it’s important you see that Quirky is continuing to iterate, evolve, and advance. Sure, we could have waited until all of the new and improved features and functionalities we have planned for the website were ready and done a big reveal in a few months, showcasing lots of big fancy updates. But we’re family, and we’d rather grow and change with you, in front of you, so we can consistently get your feedback and input as we transform.

We’ve set the wheels in motion, and we’re grateful to have you along for the ride.