3 Toy & Game Trends that Will Surprise You!

The holidays are right around the corner. The hottest products in toys and games are making the lists of parents everywhere. What are they you ask?

The top three toy and game trends this year involve sensors, role playing and the element of surprise. Let’s dive deeper into each one.


Characters meet science kits this season with games that enable kids to use real-world sensor data, such as light, sound and heat, to build characters. Have you ever imagined a toy or game that responded based on real-life events – perhaps a time of day, a temperature, speed or cue? 


Let’s take wearing costumes to the next level with Augmented Reality (AR) and actually become the character in your imagination. Technology has grown leaps and bounds over the last few years and now you’re seeing it come through in toy and game development in a big way. Can you think of a few ways AR and other role-playing technologies could evolve or improve today’s toys or board games?  


This trend is probably the fastest growing of the three. Hasbro’s Pie Face or Toilet Trouble are among the top surprise games to play with your family and you’re starting to see other brands like Disney, DreamWorks and MGA (L.O.L.) integrate the element of surprise into their toys. How can we integrate surprise into new toy or game inventions? Can it burst, hatch, erupt? Create a growing feeling of anticipation?

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