The world we live in today

We’re on a mission to create a more inclusive inventor ecosystem.

Our World Today
Minorities and women represent an extremely small share of patents
• Minorities and low income inventors represent less than 13% of patent owners
• Less than 8% of all US patents list a woman as the primary inventor
• More than 81% of all US patents do not name a female at all
• Gender equality in patents is more than 75 years away (expected 2092)
• Gender segregation within STEM fields accounts for 31% of the commercial patenting gap
• Women-led businesses represent 36.3% of companies in the US, though only attracted 3% of venture funding
• Up to 76% of venture capital investors consider patents in funding determinations as patent applications signal quality for new projects and aid investors in their decision making process


Let’s invent the future

• Encourage diversity in invention including mixed-gender, mixed-ethnic and female-led invention teams
• Invest in STEM/STEAM programs and work to create access to these programs for low income family youth, girls, and minorities
• Females and minorities who work in STEM/STEAM professions, including patent-holders and aspirational inventors, step up, speak out and be a role model and mentor for youth in your local community
• Track women’s and minorities’ progress in patenting
• Develop tools and systems to support more females and minorities through the patenting process
• Offer scholarships or sponsorships to offset or cover the cost of patenting
• We stand together and celebrate the progress and achievement of all who invent

When we fall, we help each other get back up. When we rise, we share the news with the world. Together we can invent our future.